Harp of the Spirit
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The powerful images of The Harp of the Spirit are modern-day icons of the land, sacred images which depict the hallowed nature of our world. They bring a sense of peace into any area in which they are displayed. Images are available as notecards and wall prints. Click here to order from our online store, or email info@harpofthespirit.com.

Prints, borderless prints and notecards
After the Storm After the Storm 002

Los Alamos, New Mexico

A tranquil two-lane highway through the Jemez Mountains opens vistas across broad mesas that are the gateway to the Rio Grande Rift Valley. In the distance, the purple, cloud-clothed Sangre de Cristo Range forms the eastern side of the rift. A winter storm has just passed, and the silence of a new snow covers the land. Find in Store

Night on the Rio Grande Rift Night on the Rio Grande Rift 003

Los Alamos, New Mexico

All the colors of darkness begin to fill this great rift basin as the last light of day catches on the mesas of its western side. Just as day becomes night, so dissolves the earth into the evening sky after sundown. The great divide is here, blended indelibly into the shades of the natural world. Find in Store

The Breath Celestial The Breath Celestial 004

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Stillness engorges empty spaces of the woodlands after a snowfall. Suddenly in the silence, a gust of wind shakes a high branch laden with snow, and the conifer exhales a crystal breath, colored by the filtered light of the forest. Find in Store

Cottonwood Arcade Cottonwood Arcade 005

El Rancho, New Mexico

Old cottonwoods line both sides of a dirt road near the Rio Grande River. In the shadows beneath these trees lies hallowed ground. It feels as if the filtered green light has passed through stained glass windows. A strong sense of the other world fills the air, and the urge to breathe deeply is an outward sign of having become one with this sacred land. Find in Store

During Fall During Fall 006

Jemez Springs, New Mexico

Arrayed in gold, the turning aspens intersperse a high-country evergreen forest. Breathe in the cool autumnal air, and become a deciduous dream fluttering in the wind. Find in Store

El Santuario de Chimaó El Santuario de Chimayò 007-P

Chimayò, New Mexico

Many beautiful missions were built in New Mexico by the Spaniards in the 1700s during their colonization of the New World. El Santuario de Chimayó has been preserved and is one of those missions that is still in use. It is known as “the Lourdes of America” because of the unexplained healings that have taken place there. The church and surrounding land have a sense of existing in another world and in another time. Find in Store

Fall in the Sange de Cristos Fall in the Sangre de Cristos 008-P

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Early October is a spectacular time in the high country of northern New Mexico. The first snow has fallen on the mountain peaks, and the aspens have completed their turn from summer’s green to yellow and orange. The last dance before the long sleep of winter is in full swing. Find in Store

Barely Spring Barely Spring 009-P

El Rancho, New Mexico

An ancient and sacred volcanic plug, Black Mesa rests on the floor of the Rio Grande Rift Valley near the San Ildefonso Pueblo. It is part of a volcanic field of scoria cones and lava flows, which was active millions of years ago. The mesa is sacred to the San Ildefonso people, and it was from the top of Black Mesa that they defended themselves against the Spanish reconquest of New Mexico in 1694. Find in Store

Mountain Night, Purple Winds Mountain Night, Purple Winds 010

El Rancho, New Mexico

High country storms at night are both eerie and beautiful. They are the stage set of the mountain gods, and a sense of the primordial pervades the land. This late summer storm took place in the Jemez Mountain Range. It brought freezing temperatures, heavy hail, and announced that cooler months were not far away. Find in Store

Jemez Mountain Sunset Jemez Mountain Sunset 011

El Rancho, New Mexico

Trees marking the path of the Rio Grande River catch the last light of day as the sun sets behind the Jemez Mountains. This sundown song slows the beat of the heart, and all roads lead home to rose-hued dreams. The air is stilled by music from the harp of the spirit, a celestial sound heard in the distance, as the scent of sanctity permeates the land. Find in Store

Mountain Mahogany Mountain Mahogany 013

Tesuque, New Mexico

The autumnal withering of the fruit of the Mountain Mahogany is a golden time. The body of the fruit disappears, leaving yellow feathers that curl in the weakening sun. The rhythm of this journey, from one time of life to another, from fruiting body to husks carried by the wind, is softly laid down by the slow cadence of our dreams and the deep sighing of our souls. Find in Store

My Prayer My Prayer 014

El Rancho, New Mexico

The hills, the mountains, and the great dawn sky form a cathedral as my prayer ascends like incense into the breath of the morning. Find in Store

In Years Gone By In Years Gone By 015

Chimayò, New Mexico

It is said that time is not constant, and proof of this lies on Highway 503 to Chimayó, New Mexico, a trip back in time. This is the road to El Santuario de Chimayó, also known as “The Lourdes of America,” and somewhere on that road is the gateway to another world. Each year during Holy Week thousands walk this roadway to Chimayó as a spiritual pilgrimage, and the invisible traces of their passing cling to the scrub cedar and weathered rock formations. Find in Store

The Rio Grande Rift Valley The Rio Grande Rift Valley 016-P

Los Alamos, New Mexico

The low tones of a high desert wind sigh across the rift valley of the Rio Grande River, as the breadth and depth of this great pastel vale pierce the senses and surround the spirit. This vista reveals the foothills of one of the longest mountain chains on earth, the Sangre de Cristo Range, which forms the eastern wall of the valley. Find in Store

Desert Stairway Desert Stairway 017

El Rancho, New Mexico

In the light at the end of a winter day, the Jemez Mountains fronted by sepia mesas form a desert stairway to the lowering sun. These highlands were once covered by the Santa Fe National Forest, 47,000 acres of which were destroyed during the Cerro Grande Fire of 2000. The cadence of reclamation and reforestation gradually endows new woodlands to these western slopes of the Rio Grande Rift Valley. Find in Store

Perfect Pasture Perfect Pasture 018

Pojoaque, New Mexico

Horses warm themselves in the remaining light of day following a brief but rainless squall. They are in the natural land where cries from unexpected winds call them to the gallop, and the progress of the setting sun asks for stillness. This perfect pasture is adjacent to the Nambe River, near the small town of Pojoaque, New Mexico. Find in Store

The Rio Grande The Rio Grande 019

El Rancho, New Mexico

The natural world becomes supernatural near the Rio Grande River in northern New Mexico. Late in the day, the water turns the lilac of lepidolite, an often-collected mineral found in nearby mountains. The light is soft, and the sense of timelessness is vast, as the river flows past with a sigh, brushing its banks with liquid dreams. Find in Store

The Rio Grande in Fall The Rio Grande in Fall 020

El Rancho, New Mexico

The Rio Grande River clothes itself in majesty as autumn turns the cottonwoods lining its banks into a golden garland along the shores. A blue New Mexico afternoon sky reflects deep purple shadows on the river, and cattle from the neighboring pueblos kneel to drink. It is a time of peace in “The Land of Enchantment,” and that otherworldly sense of the sacred pervades the heart and mind. Find in Store

The Spheres of Sun and Shade The Spheres of Sun and Shade 023

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Jewels of the waters, these drifting pond dwellers bask in the warm upper reaches of their home. A sense of suspended animation softly pervades as fluid dreams and liquid frequencies sigh in tranquil union. The spheres of sun and shade blend silently across the water as the division between koi pond and koi watcher blurs in the shifting light. Find in Store

Still Waters Still Waters 024

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Moving lightly in the stillness of the koi pond and floating on the moment, a pair of goldfish slips through the doorway between worlds. Here, time ceases, and two worlds blend into one. Enter the pool, and be part of the seamless dream of the waters of life. Find in Store

The Rio Grande Rift Valley from Santa Fe to Taos The Rio Grande Rift Valley from Santa Fe to Taos 025

Santa Fe, New Mexico

This is the “Land of Enchantment,” and nuances of its magic fill the high country. The air is clear enough to see back in time, and the colors suggest that this may be a momentary glimpse into the invisible world. The vista is just to the north of Santa Fe, and it reveals the breadth and depth of the Rio Grande Rift Valley as it snakes its way towards the backdrop of the Southern Rocky Mountains in Taos, New Mexico. Find in Store

Water Ballet Water Ballet 027

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sit quietly by a koi pond, and be immersed into the liquidity of the watery dance. The koi meld in ways seen and unseen, celebrating the water ballet of life. Find in Store

Sunt Lacrimae Rerum (These Are the Tears in Things) Sunt Lacrimae Rerum (These Are the Tears in Things) 029

Los Alamos, New Mexico

Four years following a vast forest fire, the backcountry shimmers with a dusty haze at sunset. Evening winds gust across barren canyons. They dry the tears cried by the 400 families left homeless and by the Santa Clara and San Ildefonso Indians whose lands were part of the 47,000 acres of destruction. The soft voice of the twilight song here at the end of time, inspires renewal and a rising up out of the ashes. Find in Store

The Rio Grande Flowing Past Black Mesa The Rio Grande Flowing Past Black Mesa 030

El Rancho, New Mexico

Black Mesa is sacred to the Tewa Indians of San Ildefonso Pueblo, and it was from the top of this mesa that they withstood the Spanish conquistadors during the Pueblo Revolt of 1694. The native people surrendered, but won freedom of religion and self-governing rights, which they still hold today. Black Mesa is an ancient volcanic plug and is part of a volcanic field of scoria cones and lava flows, which was active millions of years ago. Find in Store

Early Morning Near Chimayó Early Morning Near Chimayó 031

Chimayò, New Mexico

A wilderness of scrub cedar is the gateway to a sacred and solitary excursion across the wastelands of heart and mind. Let the sun, wind, and morning comfort you like angels. Fill your cup with the divinity of this moment. Find in Store

High Country Spring High Country Spring 032

Cundiyo, New Mexico

Breathe the scent of apple blossoms, cut alfalfa, and wood smoke, and feel the older way of life in these high pastures near the village of Cundiyo in northern New Mexico. The light of an early spring morning filters through the trees, and the whinny of a horse fills the valley. Time stands still while the doorway between the worlds pushes open. High country spring enters the heart and finds a welcome home. Find in Store

Ancient Winds Ancient Winds 033

Los Alamos, New Mexico

Dry currents of high desert air gust through deep canyons between eroded finger mesas. These ancient winds have cried their song for millions of years. Hear them sing now, a hymn to the earth and sky, a melody filled with the sacred mysteries of kinship with and connection to the land. Find in Store

Contemplation 036-P

Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona

Turn inward, and ride the breath celestial. Experience the sanctified gift of your sacred bond with all the earth. Find in Store

The World of Light The World of Light 037-P

Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona

Take heart, and step through the doorway of lost desires into the world of light. Find in Store

Dry Winter Dry Winter 039

El Rancho, New Mexico

Hold open your heart, and let the winds of a dry winter propel you through secret spaces of the wilderness within. Find in Store

Spring Pasture Spring Pasture 040

Chimayò, New Mexico

Breathe in the fleeting springtime of this high country pasture, an elixir of sacred reality. Stand in stillness, as thoughts of time fade away and the contemplative is granted life. Find in Store

Affinity Affinity 043

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Draw near, and wash in the currents of the waters of life, bathing in the affinity of one for another. Find in Store

The Wisdom of the Rocks

The Wisdom of the Rocks 073-P

Sedona, Arizona

Hear the call of the wisdom of the rocks. They speak their secrets to listeners who dwell in peace. Gretchen Mills, Photographer Find in Store

Sacred Refuge

Sacred Refuge 074-P

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Fan the feathers of your light, and illuminate a sacred path of refuge out of the darkness. Find in Store

The Way of Light

The Way of Light 075-P

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Full moon emboldened by the night ignites in space the way of light. Find in Store

Full Moon

Full Moon 077-P

Santa Fe, New Mexico

White fan compounded in the dark creates at night a sacred arc. Find in Store

Feral Morning

Feral Morning 047

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The morning sun gently warms two feral cats as they watch things unseen move through the underbrush. Birdsong fills the air, as a doorway opens silently into a slower world where time has given up the ghost, and the contemplative has gained new life. Find in Store

El Santuario in Winter

El Santuario in Winter 048

Chimayò, New Mexico

An old Spanish mission built during the 1700’s, El Santuario (the shrine) has been called the “Lourdes of America” because of testimonials to miraculous cures, which have occurred within its walls. El Santuario has been a place of worship for centuries, and tourists as well as local residents go there to pray, meditate, and to experience mental and physical well being. Find in Store

Mists of Autumn

Mists of Autumn 050

Santa Fe, New Mexico

When clouds swirl through the valleys of the high country, a wind sings of season’s change and forms eddies in the tree tops. With a hum, the great forest heart slows a beat, and the trees begin to dream of newly fallen leaves and a winter white counterpane. Find in Store

The Spirit of the Iris

The Spirit of the Iris

Santa Fe, New Mexico

In the silver time just before dawn, a ghostly movement reveals the spirit of the iris as it ascends like incense from root to sky. Feu follets glow in the dimness, and with the advent of day, they lightly float away to join with things unseen. Find in Store

The Spirit of the Lupin

The Spirit of the Lupin 053

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The spirit of the lupin reaches for morning, and enters the space between petal and sky. Here it rests unseen until the coolness of evening calls it home. This is the journey that unites dusk to dawn, and its rhythm becomes the blossom of the lupin. Find in Store

  Cradle of the Purple Iris

Cradle of the Purple Iris 054

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The cradle of the iris is a place as well as a moment in time. It comes in the early morning just after the spirit of the iris has risen and the feu follets have disappeared. When the first rays of light make the iris petals translucent, that is the time of the cradle. If you look with your heart, you will see where the spirit of the iris has spent the night. Find in Store

  Sacred Journey

Sacred Journey 055

Santa Fe, New Mexico

High summer on a dusty country road is a time of cicadas, birdsong, and shade dappled by the sun. Walk this road, and make a sacred journey with the trees as your constant companions. Find in Store

  The Heart of Autumn

The Heart of Autumn 057-P

Santa Fe, New Mexico

A pensive calm pervades the high country, as a light fall breeze blows through the Heart of Autumn to the forest beyond. The scent of dry oak leaves and pine needles are heralds of winter’s great peace and the long sleep to come. Find in Store

Voyage of the Golden Dream

Voyage of the Golden Dream 059-P

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The most magnificent koi in the pond is known as The Golden Dream.He is an ocean going vessel, who has never seen the sea. He is a barge on the Nile, transporting riches to Pharaoh. He is a pleasure yacht, chartered by the gods to bear us to our destinies. Sail on great golden one, sail on! Find in Store

  A Winter Song

A Winter Song 062

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The morning sun melts a snowfall in the forest as an updraft diffuses the incense of the pines. A desire to breathe deeply overcomes those who first walk through the dancing lights created by sun on snow. Find in Store


Reflections 064

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Two great golden koi soar through the warm liquer of their indigo pond late in the day. The reflections of sun and sky glint on scales and surface waters. A swish of fins and they are gone, back into the depths of deep violet and dark aquamarine. Find in Store

  Between Earth and Sky

Between Earth and Sky 065-P

El Rancho, New Mexico

There is an interval between earth and sky where the flow of time abates, and the sovereignty of silence reigns supreme. Dwell there in the moment, and make your way with solemnity to a realm without measure just this side of the other shore. Find in Store

Silver Dapple

Silver Dapple 066

Chimayò, New Mexico

Spring pastures in the mountains are ethereal in the early morning. Cool light creates luminous barbed wire, and places a scared glow over a silvery spirit steed. Let time fall away, and stand in the moment illuminated by radiance from the awakening of the mountain gods. Find in Store


Awakening 068-P

Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona

The morning sun gently warms a mountainside as things unseen stir in the mists beyond. Share in this awakening, and walk through the doorway of sacred understanding leaving the world of illusion behind. Find in Store

  Home of the Mountain Gods

Home of the Mountain Gods 069

Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona

Mists from the other side and two lone trees guard this secret place out of time. The ancient ones dwell here, in the interval between earth and sky, where the contemplative has found new life. Ride the breath celestial, and enter the home of the mountain gods. Find in Store

  Sacred Reality

Sacred Reality 070-P

Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona

Be present with the sacred clouds, trees, and snow. Walk into the wilderness of the reality within. Find in Store

The Heart of the Forest

The Heart of the Forest 071

Santa Fe, New Mexico

In communion with the sun, shade, and trees, the heart of the forest stands sentinel as a mystical realm is born. Find in Store

  The Golden Stream

The Golden Stream 072

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Step into the forest otherworld, where golden waters flow and sacred trees cross branches in a song. Time surrenders as a moment of contemplation becomes eternity. Find in Store

  Inner Truth

Inner Truth 076-P

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Step into the river that runs deep within, and bathe in the blue waters of inner truth. Find in Store

  Divine Providence

Divine Providence 078-P

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Listen to the call from sacred openings. They are placed before you by Divine Providence. Find in Store

Setting Sail

Setting Sail 079-P

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Set sails of phosphorus in the night. Unfurl the truths revealed by light. Find in Store


Stillness 080-P

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Be still, and let silence speak. Find in Store

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